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WFMU Record Fair

October 26, 2009

Records, records, records...

This past weekend WFMU held its renowned record fair where record dealers, collectors and enthusiasts from across the country (some even coming from outside the US) descend on Manhattan, bags and boxes in tow, to indulge in their shared passion.

I, along with As Seen On Radio co-host Devin Marsh, took the trek into the big city for day 2 of the festivities at the Metropolitan Pavilion.


Where to start?

This being my first attendance of the WFMU Record Fair, I was overwhelmed by not only the selection of music but by the number of people. The rainy, humid walk to the locale seemed like paradise when after a couple steps into the main floor you were hit by the smell of dusty vinyl and the heat of people huddled over crates searching intently for that special record.

Eventually, I too joined the masses and any hesitation I had was quickly forgotten. Swept up in the world of old cardboard and even older vendors, I found hours had flown by and that the day’s first live act were about to take the floor.


WFMU DJ Rex warms up the crowd before The Trashmen play

The Trashmen performed a short set which they capped off with their biggest hit, “Surfin’ Bird”. I was very close and it didn’t occur to me just how many people were watching the set until The Trashmen finished up and I tried to make my way through what had to be nearly two thirds of the fair’s patrons.


As Seen On Radio co-host Devin Marsh in awe of the Record Fair

By this point I had nearly emptied my wallet buying up records and so declared the day well spent. Looking over the day’s finds, I felt content and sure that I’ll be making the trip out for the next record fair.

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