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2000s: A Musical Retrospective in Real Time: Odd Nosdam

February 3, 2010

TIME Soundtrack Cover

I listen to people’s musical recommendations. I really do. If someone tells me (or writes in a blog post) that they think so and so album or song is great, well then I HAVE to listen to it. Of course this does mean I go through a lot of crap music but its those golden moments of discovering something good that makes it all worth it. Enter Odd Nosdam. I’m still in the finding and listening stage but I have especially grown to like Nosdam’s T.I.M.E Soundtrack. It’s got that laid back, chill hip-hop sound I love but without being overly slick. So if I could thank the musical blogosphere for opening me up to the likes of Odd Nosdam and in turn affirm that yes, this is good music.

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