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2000s: A Musical Retrospective in Real Time: Monkey

February 11, 2010

I am well acquainted with the Damon Albarn-Jaime Hewlett megaproject that is Gorillaz (Two awesome albums but I have to say that I prefer their debut album to Demon Days but then again I’m sure all the cool kids say that about bands). I also knew that a while ago the Gorillaz collective had worked on an opera based on the Chinese epic Journey to the West. What I did not know however was that the project resulted in an album featuring songs from the opera.
Naturally my interest was piqued and a quick YouTube search resulted in the official Monkey: Journey to the West channel that featured “Monkey Bee”, a short film by Jaime Hewlett showcasing appropriately enough the song “Monkey Bee” from the opera (which you can watch below). If you’re impressed then listen to the other 21 tracks and be blown away. You don’t need to have read (or watched in some cases) Journey to the West but if you have it’s pretty cool to imagine along with the songs. Makes me sad that I didn’t catch any of the opera performances.

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