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Snow and Tea in New Jersey

February 26, 2010

Sitting in my room with a nice warm cup of tea while Michel Legrand and his Orchestra play on about their love for Paris, I find myself at ease. Not the sleepy or lazy kind of “at ease” but a reassured, happy version where I can look forward to the future. I like these sort of days. In the morning I, like so many in the New York/New Jersey area today, stumbled outdoors with shovel in hand to reclaim the driveways and sidewalks. Somehow I got roped into helping clear a friend of the family’s driveway also. I wouldn’t complain except that their driveway is about two and half times as big as my family’s. Some sweaty hours later here I am, typing away on my laptop with my teacup just off to the side.
I know this isn’t much of an update for a loosely music-centric blog but sometimes you just feel like blogging. There are some things in the works more in keeping with As Seen On Radio‘s goal(?) like hopefully some video(s?) and if you haven’t noticed (or been around to notice?) ASOR is sporting a slightly more colorful look these days. Little by little I hope to keep working on different facets to keep things interesting for our readers (which I can safely pluralize now after looking at the blog stats) so look forward to some cool stuff. But for now I must leave it at that as I have been invited for “some cheap wine and bad singing.”

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