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Vinyl Gets!: Magic Kids

March 7, 2010

There are times when I feel like updating the ol’ blog out of some sort of perceived responsibility but I try to make sure that every post has some sort of value and won’t just become more noise in the black hole that is the blogosphere. So if it took me a while to put together this new series you’ll understand that it’s because I want to produce something of quality.
Convoluted excuse for leaving 9 days between posts aside, I do actually hope I’ll be able to keep up this “Vinyl Gets!” series.

Back when As Seen On Radio was but a lowly college radio show I actually played the Magic Kids’ “Hey Boy” on one episode. A couple months later I decided to pick up the 7″ with “Good to Be” on the B-side (which easily could be its own single). As much as I dig the music nothing particularly fancy sticks out as far as packaging goes. The cover’s a photo of the band communing in front of a brick wall. Everyone looking in different directions? Check. Thrift store fashion? Check. Handwritten band name? Big check. The indie/twee-ness of it all is kind boring at this point in my musical awareness. And this is all before we get to the back cover.

The Magic Kids have a kind of strange cultish thing going on in the back photo. You can almost imagine the rest of the compound where the “orchestra” members listed in the bottom sixth of the back cover are holding their own practice. And to make sure you don’t forget you’re listening to an indie band every word except “Photos: Don Perry” and “GONER” is handwritten.

The actual disc is your standard black vinyl. I’m not sure how Goner Records prints their labels on other releases but when I first looked at the record I couldn’t help but notice how huge “GONER” is in relation to “Magic Kids” or “Hey Boy”. I mean, I’ve seen 45s featuring the record label logo/name prominently on the vinyl’s label but never this big (Maybe I should buy more 7″s?). Maybe it’s a attempt to emphasize the collective Goner family over that of the individual bands/artists and present a cohesive image. Or maybe the disc label would’ve just looked funny with a huge space left blank. Either way, the good songs outweigh any gripes I might appear to have and at ~$10 I say why not pick it up? Perhaps it’ll give them more of a budget for their next release’s packaging. Fingers crossed.

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