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Vinyl Gets!: The Protomen

March 12, 2010

After last week’s “Vinyl Gets!” entry, I realized I desperately needed a better camera so for now I’m borrowing one til I can get my own (Any suggestions on make & model, internet?). Moving right along, I actually got The Protomen’s “Father of Death” 7″ about the same time as Magic Kids’ “Hey Boy” and planned to do the first “Vinyl Gets!” covering both releases but I didn’t figure just how much I had to say about “Hey Boy”. It might actually work out for the better because at least I have better pictures now but on to the release.
First things first: free sticker! Stickers aren’t really my thing but I’ve amassed a good stack of them over the years. It’s a nice touch and while it’s not that big of a deal, you feel like you’re getting more for your money (and in recession-era USA that’s a good thing). The sticker is the standard band logo on black background but there’s nothing wrong there. It doesn’t earn The Protomen points but doesn’t take away any either.
Here’s where The Protomen do deserve some praise though. WHITE VINYL! I’m a sucker for colored vinyls and picture discs. It adds a certain character and personality to a record.
As far as cover art, I suppose the “Father of Death” is okay. A hanging hand dripping blood over the band name seems a tad cheesy but there is a certain camp to The Protomen aesthetic anyway. The back cover is a portion of the lyrics “signed” by “Tom”. If you don’t get the allusion just know it’s a reference to the Megaman video games which Protomen songs are based on.

The last piece of the package is a lyrics and credits sheet. It’s the little things like this that I really enjoy. It just shows that there was thought and effort put into the making and printing of the record. In the age of mp3s I think artists should make physical releases really special and give the public a reason to buy the record/CD/minidisk/cassette. For a ~$10 7″, The Protomen did a good job which makes me want to look forward to a vinyl LP release from them.

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