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2000s: A Musical Retrospective in Real Time: Pre

April 13, 2010

A combination of busy schedule and mild illness kept me from updating the blog over the weekend but fear not because I bear good music. Pre (not the most Google-friendly band name) is a noisy spastic punk band fronted by Comanechi drummer and vocalist Akiko Matsuura. If you’re at all familiar with Comanechi don’t think you’ll automatically dig Pre though. Pre doesn’t play lo-fi indie rock music. It’s more like they bulldoze through you with scratchy blasts of guitars and screams interspersed with twitchy noise in the guise of a rhythm section. Brutally horrible in the best way possible, Pre’s music borders on the animalistic while staying clear of “jams” and focusing on short, structured mayhem.
Their debut album, Epic Fits, delivers on the ear-splitting goodness great for times when you want to let loose some aggression (though hopefully not on people, maybe a pillow (Note: As Seen On Radio does not condone violence against pillows)).

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