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Nintendo & Vinyl

June 9, 2010

So it’s been a while since the last post eh? Not without good reason of course. Who knew I’d want to stay so productive during the summer? No one that’s who.
To catch up though, I’d like to start with a trip to NYC a week or two ago.
A couple of friends and I took the trek into the Big Apple making a stop (after staring at electronics in B&H) at Nintendo World. Formerly the New York Pokemon Center, Nintendo World still has a section dedicated to the franchise.

What was really cool (in an uber-geeky kind of way) was that the Pokemon Center music from the games was playing in the store as I was contemplating what to buy. I believe my thought process when I realized that went something like: “ZOMG!!!1!!11!POKEMANZZ!!IWANNAABDAVeRYBEST!111!!1!” Though it’s been a couple weeks already so I cannot verify if that is exact.
On the second floor of Nintendo World was the “mini-exhibit” showcasing pieces of Nintendo history:

After fanboying over all the displays (and getting in some Tatsunoko vs. Capcom at a Wii kiosk) we left Nintendo World for St. Mark’s Place. At this point I thought I had gotten all the fanboy out of me for the day but then I saw an ad for Pocky that nearly broke my brain.

To the average person walking by this ad it wouldn’t mean anything. Being the big fan of Japanese pop group Morning Musume that I am though, I immediately recognized the girls (from left to right) as former Musumes Yaguchi Mari, Yoshizawa Hitomi and Iida Kaori. I once played one of their more recent singles during the radio show days of As Seen On Radio but don’t really feature them that heavily on the blog because I don’t want to spend a post ranting and fanboying. So instead I think I’m just adding this picture and blurb as a way to satisfy the part of me that wants to completely redo As Seen On Radio as a Morning Musume/Hello! Project tribute blog.

Moving on though, we came across a record store which meant we HAD to go in. The store was called Rockit Scientist and it was a pretty well stocked store. If I had one gripe it’d be the way the records were ordered in the bins. There was a loose grouping by genre that broke down into 2 or 3 artists that define the genre but then a random filing of anything not by those artists behind them. A bit messy but not unnavigable. The records I ended up buying I’ll cover in a future post of Vinyl Gets! (believe me, I will get to them.)
Quite a fun trip to say the least despite the too-hot weather that day and the closure of a train due to a Bon Jovi concert. More Tales of New York to come!


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